Water Bottle 1 Litre


Designed with forever in mind, this stylish and sturdy 1 Litre insulated water bottle is  the ultimate hydration accessory.  This super-tough water bottle has passed the drop-test and then some. Made from 304 stainless steel throughout, and with BPA-free silicone and hardy PP lid, this sturdy but stylish water bottle is made for easy sips.

Every bottle comes with 2 lids, one for the slurpers and one for the pop and sippers. Both lids are leakproof for the daily run around. The super handy button pop lid is perfect for drinks on the run, and comes with a button lock so there won't be any spills, and the screw top lid is great for a guzzle. This handy size size has been designed for the daily run around, the 1L size won't overload your handbag, and still keep you happily hydrated all day long.

The stylish matt finish is scratch-resistant, the strong double-layer, insulated bottle is drop-proof and the reliable, uber-strong lid is crack-resistant, so a clumsy moment won't send you back to the checkout.