Mini Diffuser - 5 scents to select from


Mini Diffuser filled with delicious cocktail scents. Choose from, Lemongrass Margarita, Watermelon Margarita, Summer Mimosa and Lemon Myrtle G&T, Malibu Crush


Scent life 4-6 weeks  |  8ml

Simply remove the wooden cap, you will see a stopper – remove the stopper and replace the wooden cap.

Invert the bottle to let the liquid diffuse through the cap for roughly 20 seconds. Repeat as required.

Hang the diffuser from your rear view mirror for an invigorating fresh scent. Also perfect for musty cupboards and caravans too!

A great gift idea for school teachers!

NB: Ensure not to let wooden top rest on your interior surfaces as the liquid is a mix of oils and fragrance which may mark upholstery. Keep away from pets and children.