Glow Shake - Collagen Meal Replacement - 3 flavours 756g



Decadently rich. Yet low-calorie. Soon-to-be your favourite guilt-free chocolate milkshake. A collagen-forward formula loaded with clean, satiety-promoting, and keto-friendly ingredients to help you lose the weight — not the glow.

The smooth, chocolatey goodness you love with added functional ingredients to support your weight, beauty, and wellness goals. 

Our Glow Shakes are hard workers. Every serving packs *deep breath*:

  • 29+ grams of hunger-curbing protein (includes 17.5 grams of glow-giving Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides!)
  • 5+ grams of gut-nurturing Prebiotic Fiber 
  • Fat-burning MCT Oil
  • Energy-giving Green Tea Extract
  • 24 Vitamins and Minerals


Mouthwatering. Delicious. Indulge in the heavenly embrace of our lusciously creamy vanilla milkshake flavour, a blissful symphony of velvety smoothness brings you glow-giving collagen and weight-loss-promoting ingredients in every serving.

What’s shaking in our Glow Shakes? 

  • 29+ grams of protein (containing 17.5 grams of Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides goodness!) 
  • 5+ grams of Prebiotic Fiber
  • MCT Oil 
  • Green Tea Extract
  • 24 Vitamins and Minerals

You’ll be filled, fueled, and glowing for hours. We’ve also intentionally left out gluten, soy, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, and preservatives. Sugar? Less than 1 gram per serving.


Deliciously smooth and popping with fresh strawberry goodness — even with sugar and calories dialed way back. Packed with collagen and functional ingredients, so you lose the weight, not your glow.

Finally, a meal replacement shake done right. Our Glow Shakes are made with clean, keto-friendly ingredients that’ll keep you full, energised, and glowing all day. 

We’re talking:

  • 29+ grams of protein 
  • 5+ grams of Prebiotic Fiber
  • 24 Vitamins and Minerals
  • MCT Oil
  • Green Tea Extract

Also, low on sugar (<1 gram per serving!) but high on yum factor.